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German producer and recorderplayer Johann Sundermeier releases indie-electonica baroque track Was bleibt.

On August 25th german producer and recorderplayer Johann Sundermeier releases his first Single:

Was Bleibt is a melancholic blend of heavyweight experimental/indie beats combined with beatiful melodies played on the baroque recorder. Synthesizers contribute a slow sub bass and shimmering arpeggiated harmonies.

The soundtrack compellingly narrates themes of transience, memories, and sorrow.

You can pre-listen here:

Release Date: August 25th 2023

ISRC: DEYX82168579

EAN: 4064946224568

Cover: Please download here

You can download press pictures here

About Johann Sundermeier:

Johann Sundermeier is a versatile artist known for his distinctive blend of classical recorder and contemporary electronic Beats. His musical journey started with the recorder and piano, and later expanded into the realm of music production, crafting tracks that fuse elements from indie electronica, experimental beats, techno and more.

Currently based in Freiburg, Germany, Johann is pursuing a Recorder performance degree, further refining his classical skills while seamlessly integrating modern sounds into his repertoire. His innovative soundscapes have graced festivals like Rudolstadt Festival, Folklorum Festival, Folk’n’Fusion Festival, and Open Recorder Days Amsterdam.

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